Here’s all you need to know about joining the Big Freeze in Auckland:


Vulcan Lane. Vulcan was the Roman God of Fire and Volcanoes. So it’s Fire meets Freeze this Friday! The power of the elements combine for good effect.

It’s going to be a very large crowd, but there’s no need to huddle. You can freeze on Vulcan Lane or spill out on to Queen St (at the bottom) or High St (at the top) – spreading along those streets in both directions. The more terrain we cover the more impressive it looks. For a street-level image of the location check this map.

If there’s snow or sleet we’ll freeze under the shop awnings, or you can be cool and freeze in the rain. Fortunately the weather forecast is good.

Freeze etiquette
Please leave plenty of space for non-freezers to stream through and keep well away from traffic. Safety first.

1pm sharp. It’s good to arrive in the area at least 5 minutes earlier, but please keep moving till we Freeze. If you’re worried about being late, you can sync your timepiece with the official Freeze clock.

Freeze as you please! You’ll know when to freeze when you hear a drum. When the drum sounds again after five minutes, our time is up. Resume motion and smile – you’ve Done Good.

Thanks for supporting united action on climate change this World Environment Day.

Now tell all your friends to come too!

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