“…we froze because when you stand motionless in George Street as cars, vans, buses and people rumble past, you get to contemplate the lot, and you wonder why it took this event to get you to spend five minutes doing so. And because when you do so and you know 50 other people are doing the same thing, you get a sense of collective consciousness.Ooh, that’s a nice feeling. If all the still folk made the passers-by wonder, then that’s good too. Wondering is good.” – Anna in the Otago Daily Times.

“I was quite pleased to have one passer-by ask me what it was all about, just before we froze, and I gave him a quick run down, and told him to watch for us on the news tonight. I told him it was “a bit of culture jamming to raise awareness for World Environment Day, and working together on climate change”… it is good to see so many people are interested in making a positive change in our world!” -Timothy (via email).

“I certainly won’t be one for partaking in any of these freeze happenings, doing my bit alongside hundreds of fun-loving (and not to mention extremely HOT) New Zealanders. I’d much rather be home stocking up supplies in my underground dungeon, or perhaps crocheting a holster or dulling my brain-cells with daytime TV.” – A cheeky comment on an Eketahuna blog.

“About 60 students at Waitaki Girls High School froze on June 5. We made it on the front page of Oamaru Mail as well as in the Waitaki Herald…the girls loved it.” – Ms Lach (via e-mail).

More media coverage

“…Mr Freeze says, “We had a massive turn-out for Freeze 2008 in Wellington, and this year it’s gone ice-stronomical. New Zealanders of all ages and backgrounds are recognising the importance of stopping and taking a stand, as now – more than ever – the world needs our call for climate solutions.” – Scoop

“It was a mime’s paradise as Wellington quite literally came to a standstill.” Dominion Post

“There are a heap of events going on around the country to celebrate World Environment day. The most visible was the co-ordinated, nationwide Freeze event.” – Good Magazine

“Although this event was held on World Environment Day… Climate change is far from just an environmental issue. It is an economic issue, as our livelihoods will be dramatically affected if we don’t take strong action now. It is also a moral issue, as climate change hits the world’s poorest people the hardest. Global warming is totally within our grasp to freeze and reverse – we simply need to show our courage to act.”Voxy and Scoop

“We’ve got to take action…Even though we’re way down the bottom in little NZ, I think we’ve got a big voice and we’ve got an opportunity to say big things.” – Shona McTavish on Channel 9 Dunedin Television

“Побочный эффект лекарства от свиного гриппа.” – Someone in Russia who was obviously excited about the whole thing.


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