Nelson Freeze Location

June 4, 2009

Here’s all you need to know about the Big Freeze in Nelson:

The Farmers/Starbucks crossing area on Trafalgar St, between Bridge St and Hardy St. For a map of the location see this map.

There will be a good crowd, but there’s no need to huddle. The more terrain we cover the more impressive it looks.

Freeze etiquette
Please leave plenty of space for non-freezers to stream through and keep clear of traffic. Safety first.

1pm sharp. It’s good to arrive in the area at least 5 minutes earlier, but please keep moving till we Freeze. If you’re worried about being late, you can sync your timepiece with the official Freeze Clock. If you are late, I will enjoy seeing you do an exceptional morph from running human to frozen human.

Freeze as you please! You’ll know when to freeze when you hear a piercing whistle. When you hear the whistle again after five minutes, our time is up. Resume motion and smile – you’ve Done Good.

Thanks for supporting united action on climate change this World Environment Day.

Now tell all your friends to come too!

PS: A BIG thanks to all of the ReGen crew for organising this in Nelson!

PPS – Don’t worry about the ‘possibly related posts’ below. WordPress adds these automatically to blogs on this site, but they are unrelated to this Freeze.


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