Dunedin Freeze Location

June 4, 2009

Here’s all you need to know about the Big Freeze in Dunedin:

George St, outside the Meridian Mall. The centre of the freeze is outside the Mall, and will spread outwards from there in all directions. If extra space is needed to fit everyone freezing, it will spread along George Street. For a street-level image of the location check this map.

At 12.45pm people will meet in the alley directly opposite the Meridian Mall that links New World and Brumby’s bakery. We’ll go from there.

Freeze etiquette
Please leave plenty of space for non-freezers to stream through and keep well away from traffic. Safety first.

1pm sharp (but you’re encouraged to meet in the alley first at 12:45pm). If you’re worried about being late, you can sync your timepiece with the offical Freeze Clock. If you are late, we will enjoy seeing you do an exceptional morph from running human to frozen human.

Freeze as you please! It’s going to be a good crowd, but try not to huddle too much. The more terrain we cover the more impressive it looks.

Thanks for supporting united action on climate change this World Environment Day.

Now tell all your friends to come too!

PS – Don’t worry about the ‘possibly related posts’ below. WordPress adds these automatically to blogs on this site, but they are unrelated to this Freeze.


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