At 1pm on World Environment Day 2009, people across New Zealand froze. They came together in public places and became human statues – stopping and standing for united action on climate change. Over a thousand people took part. Check out the videos and comments!


The Freeze highlighted the need for New Zealanders to come together in 2009 for action on climate change. It’s a crucial year, as a new global climate change treaty is being negotiated in Copenhagen in December. Global warming is totally within our grasp to freeze and reverse – we simply need to show our courage to act. As Mr Freeze (the mysterious leader of the Freeze) put it:

It takes courage to freeze in a public place. Freezing on your own is freaky. Freezing with five people is sneaky. Freezing with lots of people is easy. It’s the same with action on climate change. Nobody wants to make the first move, but when we play our parts together, the solutions suddenly become breezy.

The Freeze was organised by a team of volunteers. People in Auckland, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch and Dunedin collaborated together, even though many of them have never even met, to make a national event possible. It was also supported by a diverse group of community organisations and businesses.

Keen to do more?

The action doesn’t end here. If you want to stay on the list for future events like this, you can email with “More more more!” as the subject. You can also visit for actions you can take to help turn the climate crisis around.